The automotive industry is no longer regional and neither are we. This has been key to our success for over a decade."

Alexander Müller, Global Practice Team Leader

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Scope of the team:

With leadership in the automotive industry moving from regional to global players, automotive firms have had to look for talent beyond their borders to find professionals that understand the cultural and business differences that are key to success in a globalized world. Counting some of the world's largest automotive OEMs and T1 suppliers as our clients, AIMS has followed the trend by conducting global, multi-country, and local searches.

The automotive industry is no longer regional and neither are we. This has been key to our success for over a decade. Our global experience in Asia, Europe and the Americas has allowed us to build an extensive network, with a diversified talent pool going beyond borders and cultures. Our network spans across all 5 continents with more than 350 consultants in 90 offices in over 50 countries, enabling us to search locally and truly globally. This global reach has been the key to our success and that of our clients.

We believe in a different approach to Executive Search, one that focuses on creativity, by not targeting direct competitors, but understanding the business cycle, company culture, product engineering, manufacturing, after sales, etc. By focusing on the core responsibilities and roles of executives, professionals who combine a unique mix of technical expertise, business leadership and managerial skills in non-traditional industries can be attracted by great growth opportunities and new challenges.

From the developing markets of Asia and South America to the developed economies of North America, Europe and Japan, AIMS industry specialists have years of experience in the automotive industry. These years of industry practice allow them to understand the dynamics and trends of the industry at both the local and global level, providing clients with clear insights and forecasting that can prove decisive in this competitive industry. Our consultants are active in the following automotive industry segments:

  • Automotive and Commercial Vehicle Manufacturers
  • OEMs for Automotive and Commercial Vehicles
  • Automotive Service Providers
  • Automotive and Commercial Vehicle Retailing and Dealerships
  • Aftermarket and Retail Parts Suppliers
  • Private Equity Funds investing in Automotive
  • AIMS International ultimately strives to attract top professionals to the industry, specialists whose experience and know-how can elevate the automotive industry to new heights.

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