Energy (Oil and Gas, Renewable and Power Generation)

"Our aim is to offer real added value to our Energy clients using collaborative tools enabling us to function as a coherent global unit. This guarantees quick access to expert knowledge, efficient implementation of best practices and a faster research process."

Per Kaalby, EMEA Practice Team Leader

  1. Scope of the team
  2. Your Advantages
  3. Your Global Leadership Team

The most important  reason leading to the establishment and development of the Global Energy Team  has been the constant demands of AIMS International´s clients for in-depth knowledge about the local and international energy sector with emphasis on recruitment and assessment of top managerial and executive level staff.

The Global Energy Team  focuses on the challenges of the sector, e.g. the shortage of qualified engineers in some geographical areas.

Scope of the team:

AIMS International’s Global Energy Team addresses the needs of the following energy groups:

  • Oil & Gas offshore and onshore
  • Drilling
  • Reservoir
  • Construction
  • Installation
  • Maintenance & modification
  • Engineering
  • Wind Energy
  • Solar Energy
  • Safety systems
  • Underwater drilling

Your advantages:

  • In-depth industry knowledge guarantees better understanding of your needs
  • Efficient exchange of information within the team, accelerated research process
  • Specific candidate database
  • Market intelligence, access to expert knowledge

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