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“We invite you to test the benefit of our services and to contact one of our team members or one of our numerous partners around the world. The client team, cross border if appropriate, will make sure that all queries and demands are serviced to the top level of expectations.”

John W. Poracky, AMERICAS Practice Team Leader – Financial Services

  1. Scope of the team
  2. Challenges
  3. Your Global Leadership Team

Scope of the team:

AIMS International Financial Services team addresses the specific needs of the following industry groups:

  • Corporate and industrial banking
  • Private and consumer banking
  • Private wealth management
  • Investment banking
  • Investment and pension fund management
  • IARD and life Insurance
  • Corporate and real estate finance

While the team below may not cover all of the above competencies and certainly not in all markets,  the Global AIMS International team of partners and consultants is at hand to forge an ad hoc consulting team to find the best solution and beond, the group of partners has also developed specific expertise in risk management, regulatory compliance and financial control.

Our Financial Services recruitment team is made up of highly qualified and experienced executive search personnel that champion AIMS International’s global recruitment capabilities to prospective multinational financial services companies, based on the expertise of local partners, deeply rooted in the respective cultural and regulatory environments.

As a preferred executive search firm to numerous financial services organizations and professionals across the globe, AIMS International provides a highly effective service to clients, identifying and selecting the best of the best possible profiles.

Our promise to candidates is to ensure that we invite you into highly reputable organizations where you will be free to dynamically walk your career and harness your skills.

Our promise to corporations and candidates is to accompany both along to make sure the on boarding turns into a perfect match to improve the organization, the business and returns for all involved.


Dear clients,

We invite you to test the benefit of our services and to contact one of our team members or one of our numerous partners around the world. The client team, cross border if appropriate will make sure that all queries and demands are serviced to the top level of expectations.


Hardly has an industry been so much criticized and challenged than the financial sector in recent months. Some economists have openly put forward the question if the world would still need finance and some politicians threatened to dismantle bank to big to fail. If it has to be admitted that some priorities have to reconsidered and fixed differently, the global crises has definitely revealed failures and weak points in the personal set up of some of the organizations.

  1. Mergers and acquisitions have created mega organizations that created new management challenges that financial corporations need to adjust to and find the best people to face the challenge of their organizations.
  2. Formal integrations of financial markets and common rules of  conduct developed before the crisis have recently turned into some re-nationalization of priorities, putting a greater emphasizes on the knowledge and  expertise of local markets, rules and regulations.
  3. In terms of private banking and wealth management the volumes are rising sharply and client demand for secure and highly sophisticated products is growing even faster  while a trend to onshore private banking is confirmed.
  4. Increased demand for high caliber risk mangers to face the knew products and ever extending regulations require even more experienced compliance officers, while the extending corporate structures put a world wide burden on financial control.

The topics addressed above are certainly key but not all, and the fact of having a worldwide partner at hand to address the challenges is fundamental for the success of the state of the art HRM management. AIMS International global finance team is committed to helping our international clients achieving highly competitive status to take them to the next level of competitive greatness and enhance your position in the global struggle for talent.

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