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“No other sector is so much “people business” as IT & Telecom, requiring expert competencies and high motivation. Currently, the sector is also influenced by globalization, requiring a Human Capital partner with global presence.”

- John Poracky, AMERICAS Practice Team Leader

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Scope of the team:

The goal of the IT & Telecom Global Industry Team is to bring together the most talented and experienced AIMS consultants in the ICT area, allowing all AIMS partners to serve their IT & Telecom customers anywhere in the world.

AIMS International’s Global IT and Telecom Team addresses the specific needs of the following industry groups:

IT: At AIMS International we understand that the critical link in any business’s success is the ability to find, attract, train, motivate and retain talent. Finding and attracting the top talent can make the difference between winning and losing in a competitive environment. Our advisory function is not restricted to seeking candidates with characteristics that led to success in the past. We aim to discover and train talent that will be essential to the future of the organisation.

Therefore, we have created the IT Team to share best practices within AIMS International and to further explore  opportunities to serve our clients better. We are experienced in talent search and acquisition in many areas including: applications and business systems development , data management and operations, technical services and help desk, internet and e-commerce, networks administration, project and program management, software development, and a slew of other IT related positions.

Telecommunications: AIMS International´s Telecom Team has been created  to provide tailored recruitment services to all  multinationals active in the Telecom field. Our clients have benefited from our global expertise  within this  emerging field,  helping us to better meet their specific needs as well as furthering our own understanding of the challenges present in the Telecom industry.

Years of experience conducting successful searches in the industry enables us to have access to important networking resources, helping us to realistically advise our clients with regards to their development needs. Our consultants share  the newest trends in the telecom industry on a constant basis  so as to be aware of  the influences these have on worldwide clients.

Your benefit:

How can you benefit from the IT and Telecom Team’s services?

AIMS International is a partnership formed among entrepreneur owned local partner companies working together to help their customers. This structure allows AIMS International to organize the best consultants around the customer, working flexibly in a truly customer oriented fashion.

If you would like to work with AIMS International’s Global IT and Telecom Team, simply contact one of the team leaders. They will make sure the right group of consultants is put together to answer your queries.

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